LewisThompSounds – Sound Effect Libraries

If you’re a sound designer like me, then some of these sound effects may be a nice addition to your sound library! Each library features my own recordings of things that I personally found lacking in my own sound library. They are small and simple, but hopefully effective, and best used as another element of source material for layering into the sounds you are designing.

Each LewisThompSounds library is ‘pay what you want’ (with a minimum of £0.30), embedded with rich metadata, and named in convention with the UCS standard filenaming system. Upon purchase, a Google Drive download link will be emailed to the email address you enter. If for whatever reason there are problems regarding the purchase, then reach out to me via the contact form and I will try to help!


SALT is a library full of 300+ light, sparkly sprinkles of 3 different types of salt: flakes, crystals, and granules. I personally use these sound effects in my sound design projects to add a delicate, crisp, sparkly layer on top of whatever I think needs it! From adding some fizz to an explosion, to creating hi-tech UI sound effects, this library will serve as a bit of light seasoning to all of the sounds you create.

Files317 (32 sounds not including variations)
Size120.5 MB
FormatWAV 24bit 48kHz rich metadata embedded
Filename convention confirms with new UCS standard
Available asDownloadable Google Drive link
(will be emailed upon purchase)

More coming soon!

Any issues?

If you have any questions, or are running into any problems purchasing these sound libraries, get in touch with me using the contact form below or emailing me at!