MUSIC SHOWREEL The YouTube playlist above features several projects in which Lewis took on the following roles: Composer (writing and arranging music within a Digital Audio Workstation) Producer (managed recording, mixing, and mastering sessions) Instrumentalist (played and recorded live instruments into a track) Mixing / Mastering Engineer (mixed and mastered the music tracks) Game Audio Integration (implementing dynamic music systems into video games) Lewis has been composing and producing music for over 7 years. Having begun his musical journey in Electronic Dance Music production, Lewis quickly transitioned into writing music for media, where he can now write music in a wide range of modern musical genres: such as electronic, contemporary, and orchestral. His knowledge of classical scoring techniques together with his music production experience allows Lewis full creative freedom when composing. Some highlights from this showreel include: Original soundtracks for several mobile games, such as Snowman on a Sled and Nano Drug Delivery Challenge, which were extremely fun projects to work on, and which the development team were extremely happy with. A full orchestral re-score of a stunning chase sequence from The Adventures of Tintin (2011), which features several interweaving leitmotifs, subtle Mickey Mousing, and a live african drum band recorded in Big Smoke Studios, London.