ABOUT ME Lewis is a composer with a few other strings on his bow. With his background in contemporary music, he enjoys writing exciting, melody-driven soundtracks for films/games in a wide range of modern musical genres. He’s played guitar for over half of his life, has years of experience composing within digital audio workstations, and takes inspiration from composers such as John Williams, Heitor Pereira, Tomoya Ohtani, and Danny Baranowski. He also spent 5 months working under Adele Cutting and Dave Newby at Soundcuts as an Assistant Composer. Aside from composing, Lewis has experience in sound design, field recording, audio post production, dynamic music, and game audio integration. He’s always looking to get involved with new projects, so please feel free to drop him a message! “Lewis was an absolute pleasure to work with, not only a great composer but very hard working and diligent. I’d gladly work with him again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.” DAVE NEWBY Composer & Sound Designer at Soundcuts “Lewis has worked with me on several game projects to compose the music and sound. His work is thoughtful to the needs of the user, the game, and has finesse that brings the experience to a whole new level.” JERRY BERG Founder of Bliz Studios